Is Orti di Mare open all year?

Yes, It’s open from January 1st to December 31st. We always try to welcome in the best way guests who choose to come outside the usual tourist season.


How can you book?

Book in 3 steps:

1) To start, you need to fill in the relevant form:

here if you are looking for a place in CAMPING (even for campers and caravans)

here if you are looking for a place in APARTMENT, GLAMPING TENT OR YURT

here if you are looking for a place in LOW COST MOTORHOME PARK.

2) After our availability confirmation, you will receive via mail, you will have a limited time to reply with the reservation request.

3) Finally, you will receive our final booking confirmation by e-mail.


I have filled out the availability request, I have received confirmation from the site and an automatic reply, but I have never had a direct reply from you. What should I do?

We usually respond within a maximum of 72 hours. If you have not received anything after this time, try checking your e-mail in the spam box. If you do not find our message there, write us directly to booking@ortidimare.it, specifying all the information requested in the  form.


Do you have to pay in advance? Do you need a deposit?

No. We have chosen to base our relationship with our guests on mutual trust: your word is enough for us. We do not ask for an advanced payment at the time of booking. If a guest books, we expect him to respect his commitment.


What happens if I cancel my booking? Are there penalties in case of cancellation?

In case of cancellation, if it happens up to 45 days before arrival there’s no penalty. In case the booking is canceled later, or in case of no show up / earlier departure, guests are requested to pay 50% of the due amount.

This is to compensate for the damage we have suffered in keeping a pitch or an accommodation free that we could have assigned to other guests. We don’t ask our guests for a credit card number, we trust the fact that they will behave responsibly. If they don’t, it’s their matter of conscience.


How can you pay?

You can pay in cash, by credit card or debit card. We do not accept payments by check nor by bank transfer.


How to calculate the cost of apartments, yurt and glamping tents?

To calculate the cost of apartments, glamping tents and yurt are added the daily rate per person, multiplied by the number of guests, to that of the chosen structure.

For example, two adults and two children (up to 8 years), from July 1st to July 8th, will pay per day:

– for an apartment: (€ 16.00 x 2) + (€ 12.50 x 2) + € 70.00 = € 127.00

– for a glamping tent or yurt: (€ 16.00 x 2) + (€ 12.50 x 2) + € 35.00 = € 92.00


Are discounts available for travellers without cars or motorcycle?

Yes, eco-friendly guests who reach Orti di Mare on foot or by public transport will receive a 10% discount.


Is it possible to have half board or full board?

Half board or full board are not included. At our Rural Bistro – Market Café, open from April 1oth to November 3rd, you can have breakfast and lunch. From May 28th to October 15th it is open also in the evening.


If I stay in apartment, yurt or glamping tent, do I have to bring my own linen?

For us it is preferable that the client brings his own household linen. Alternatively, we can provide bed linen (double set € 15, single set € 10) and towels (1 set of 3 towels € 5).


What is the nearest port?

It’s Portoferraio. From the port of Piombino, on the coast of Tuscany, you can reach Portoferraio harbour with a ferry trip of about an hour (or by hydrofoil, 40 minutes).


How can we reach Orti di Mare by car from Portoferraio?

From Portoferraio  head towards Capoliveri. After the roundabout follow the road to the traffic lights. Here turn right, towards Colle Reciso / Lacona. At the next roundabout, keep right. After reaching the bottom of the descent turn right, into Via dei Vigneti, follow it for 500 meters, and follow the signs for Orti di Mare.


Can you provide us with a discount code for ferries?

We can’t provide discount because the pricing structures are complex, variable and unpredictable and it is not possible to provide precise information on any reductions applied by the companies.

Through our site, on the transport page, it is however easily possible to buy ferry tickets, comparing the offers available on each date, and choosing the best deal for your trip among all companies.


How long is the route from Portoferraio to Lacona?

With normal traffic conditions it takes about 15 minutes.


Are dogs allowed in Orti di Mare?

In a part of the camp we accept dogs, but only if they are quiet and don’t disturb the neighbours. In no case can they be left free outside the pitch. In the fixed structures the presence of domestic animals is not allowed.


Can dogs access the beach?

In the Capoliveri Town Council area, dogs have free access to the beaches “with leash and muzzle, accompanied by the owner or other walker, equipped with suitable tools and bags to clean up after your dog”. It is also possible for them to swim in the sea outside the bathing hours: before 9 am and after 7 pm.


Is the electrical connection available on all pitches?

Yes, each pitch is near to an electricity connection.


Which electrical outlets are there on the pitches?

At the pitches there are european standard camping electrical outlets.


What is the range of a camping electric connection?

1.5 kw and 6,5 Amps.


How far is the center of Lacona from Orti di Mare?

Lacona is a small part of the municipality of Capoliveri: a purely tourist locality, not a real town. The historic centre of Capoliveri can be reached by car in about 20 minutes.


What services are there in the neighbourhood?

In a few minutes you can walk to a pharmacy, several pizzerias, bars and restaurants, two convenience stores, two ATMs. In 15 minutes by car you can get to Portoferraio, the main centre of the island, where there are larger supermarkets and shops of all kinds.


Can you rent bikes, motorcycles and cars?

You can do it in a few hundred meters from Orti di Mare, at TWN-Rent. Guests of Orti di Mare get there a 10% discount.


How far are the nearest beaches?

The large sandy beach of Lacona, partly free and partly equipped with resorts, is located about 400 meters from the campsite and can be reached on foot, in 5 minutes, through a shady road that crosses the pine forest.

With a slightly longer walk you reach the beaches of Laconella (15 minutes) and Margidore (10 minutes).

At about 3 km distance are the beaches of Norsi, with dark pebbles, and the naturist beach of Acquarilli, with black sand and pebbles.


Are there routes for trekking and mountain biking?

Orti di Mare is located at the crossroads of the network of paths of the National Park, including the Grand Traversata Elbana (GTE), a long and spectacular itinerary to do on foot, horseback or mountain bike. Around the farm there are the 17 trails of Lacona Trekking Park: 50 km of walks with breathtaking views.


If I stay in the Motorhome Park, can I use the baths and showers of the campsite for a fee?

No, unfortunately the guests of the low cost area can not use the toilets of the campsite. The number of showers and baths present in the actual campsite is commensurate with the number of its guests only, as required by current regulations.


Can we  have a barbecue on the campsite?

It is not possible because the law does not allow the lighting of open fires, because of the risk of forest fires.


Can I keep the car or the motorbike on the pitch?

The pitch can be reached by car for loading and unloading, but it is then parked in the planned spaces, located a short distance away. For special needs, the car can only stop on some peripheral or very large pitches, but in this case the transit in and out must not take place during rest hours.


In which period are glamping tents and yurt available?

Because the glamping tents and the yurts have no heating, we only offer them to customers from May 1st to September 30th. You can also book before and after these dates, knowing that night time temperatures can suddenly drop at the beginning and at the end of summer. In the tents blankets are available to guests. If you come to the edge of summer, we recommend bringing sleeping bags.


Do you have hot water in the bathrooms and showers?

Yes, both in summer and in winter guests have hot water available, without formal time limits. But we ask everyone to use the water reasonably and in the awareness of the scarcity of this precious resource, especially on an island.